January 2006

Discarded propane tanks diverted

Discarded propane tanks are a hazard to park, landfill, and waste employees. The United States consumes 40 million small 1 lb. propane tank cylinders annually and they usually all end up in landfills.

Yellowstone National Park plumbing shop manager, Mike McCoy, contacted Mountain States Environmental Services (MSES) for help with tanks left behind by campers. After significant research, Brad Fimrite, owner of MSES and Wayne Wilson of WWW Industries took on the challenge of creating a propane tank recycler.

The new propane bottle recycler (patent pending), Propane Bottle recycler (PBR), recycles the propane, punctures then crushes the cylinders so they are immediately prepared scrap for steel recyclers. MSES indicated that the PBR has an auxillary hose that can evacuate the larger type cylinders and they are currently working to develop a crusher for the larger cylinders.

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