January 2006

Town center updated with recycled materials

A council in the North West of England is setting the standard when it comes to putting waste materials to good use.

St. Helens Council is refurbishing its town center using recycled materials, while slashing traditional construction industry targets for waste so that nothing goes to landfill.

The original paving materials from the town center have so far been used to pave the exhibition tunnels at the World of Glass, are aiding school projects and are being used for Probation Service-led community schemes.

The old seats have been refurbished for community homes, sports centers and parks while excavated materials are either sieved on site or sent to a local company for reprocessing to return for reuse.

Councillor Alma Atherton, the Council’s executive member for Environmental Protection, said, “We want St. Helens to keep ahead by creating a modern and vibrant town centre, ensuring we continue to attract new shops and investment as well as creating new spaces that are better set out for the many new events we are planning.”

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