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January 2007

United States and India to form Coal Methane Information Center

The Methane to Markets Partnership is establishing a clearinghouse that will act as a central point of information on coalbed and coal mine methane projects in India, the world's third largest coal producing country.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with other federal partners is providing assistance in the development of the information center.

The clearinghouse will be the initial point of contact for domestic and international investors and will effectively promote the development of coal bed and coal mine methane projects in India. EPA has successfully established coal bed methane clearinghouses in several other countries including China, Russia and Ukraine.

Coal bed methane is methane contained in coal seams. Coal mine methane refers to gas that is released from the coal seams during the process of coal mining. Methane in coal seams presents a critical danger for mine safety as it can cause explosions.

The Methane to Markets Partnership, launched by President Bush in November 2004, is a public-private partnership to advance methane recovery and use projects in four sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Coal mines
  • Landfills
  • Oil and natural gas systems

More than 350 organizations from around the world have made commitments to this partnership. The United States has committed up to $53 million to this initiative over the next five years.

For additional information about the Methane to Markets Partnership, visit

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