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January 2007

Recycling group needs Nature-Works to solve recycling problems

A group of recyclers and organizations, which previously called on NatureWorks to place a moratorium on PLA bottles, is working to expand its campaign.

The new bio-based plastic bottle introduced by NatureWorks called PLA, can substitute for PET bottles in some uses, including bottled water. Because the two resins are incompatible, the PLA bottle poses significant problems for PET recyclers and could significantly undermine recycling's economics by disrupting successful PET recovery programs and by losing the high value in the PET bottles it displaces.

As a part of a mounting campaign to secure the moratorium, the Plastics Redesign Project, one of the seven petitioning groups, has expanded its web site to provide the recycling community, public officials and consumers with detailed information on the impact of PLA bottles on recycling. The website includes an on-line sign up form for recyclers, companies and organization who want to join the campaign for a temporary moratorium on the new bottle by NatureWorks.

In a letter to NatureWorks in October, several recycling organizations warned that, at this time, further expansion of PLA bottle in the marketplace would severely harm existing recycling programs, especially the well-developed recycling infrastructure for PET plastic bottles.

The Plastics Redesign Project, one of the seven petitioning groups, expanded its website to provide other recyclers with detailed information to become educated about PLA bottles' impact on recycling, and an on-line sign up form to join the petition to NatureWorks.

Peter Anderson, the Plastic Redesign Project's staff director, called on recyclers to visit the web site, educate themselves, and, if they share the concerns, sign the petition on-line. Anderson said that "NatureWorks is striving to be a socially responsible company. If those who make recycling happen speak up, I would hope that NatureWorks will respond constructively. Our strong preference is to work with, not against the company, if at all possible," he said.

Other petitioning groups include the Container Recycling Institute, Eco-Cycle, the Ecology Center, Eureka Recycling, the Grassroots Recycling Network, and the Institute for Local Self Reliance.

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