Energy from ocean waves – wave of the future?

Swell Fuel, an ocean wave energy company, announced it will begin marketing ocean wave energy converters to researchers, universities and technology companies early next year. The goal is to demonstrate the ability to produce clean and efficient energy from ocean waves and to initiate deployment of Swell Fuel’s products on a larger scale.

Many countries are interested in installing ocean energy converters but won’t commit to unproven products. As a result, Swell Fuel will be selling units for testing for as low as $1,000.

With patent-pending prototypes and four sizes to choose from, the company will offer units that produce 20, 100, 1,000 and 5,000 watts of electricity. Feedback will be requested from researchers to enhance and improve future product designs.

Using a lever-operated pivoting float anchored to the lake or ocean floor, Swell Fuel’s converters are activated when wave action lifts a lever in an up-and-down motion, which in turn produces electricity.

The company has licensed its product in seven countries and many see it as a solution to providing energy and electricity for coastal area residents. Earlier this year, Swell Fuel successfully tested its prototypes in the waters of El Salvador and at a research facility at The University of Rhode Island.

“This is not some theoretical product that is years away from implementation,” said Franklin Olson, CFO of Swell Fuel. “These units are ready to produce electricity right now.”

Having gone through over 30 different prototypes, Olson claims to have perfected his product for use on a much larger scale. He claims that linking multiple units together on a grid-like system will one day provide enough energy for entire coastal cities.