Macon Iron and SP Recycling partner in single stream recycling

Macon Iron & Paper Stock Co. and SP Recycling Corp. announced the start up of a new recycling program with solutions to meet the growing demand for single stream collected recyclables and source sorted materials in the middle Georgia area.

Macon Iron will now be partnering with SP Recycling Corp. to provide for the handling of single stream collected recyclables. While glass will not be handled in this single stream program, Macon Iron will offer a drop-off site for those who wish to recycle glass. Macon Iron will begin accepting single stream materials in January 2008.

With this partnership, Macon Iron & SP Recycling Corp. will provide communities the opportunity to start new recycling programs and to enhance existing programs in the Middle Georgia area.

The partnership will enhance the State’s recently launched recycling initiative designed to promote the development of single stream recycling collection centers within 50 miles of every community in Georgia.