New municipal waste statistics for England published

Defra has published municipal waste statistics for all English local authorities in 2006/07. The statistics show how individual local authorities are contributing to national goals to reduce waste, recycle more and landfill less.

  • 83 percent of local authorities collected less household rubbish (residual waste) than in 2005/06;
  • 94 percent of authorities recycled and composted more of their household waste than in 2005/06; and
  • 88 percent of disposal authorities landfilled less of their municipal waste than in 2005/06.

Local authorities have collectively boosted national recycling and composting rates to 31 percent and disposed of 1 million tons less waste in landfill in 2006/07, compared to 2005/06.

Climate Change and Waste Minister, Joan Ruddock, said, “These statistics show that many householders and local authorities have got the “reduce, reuse and recycle” message and are doing a great job.

The best local authorities have achieved close to double the average. But some authorities are not doing anywhere near enough. Under-performing councils must do more to help their residents reduce their rubbish and recycle more from their homes.”