New landfill gas-to-energy facilities commence operation

Allied Waste Industries, Inc. announced the commencement of operations of its two newest landfill gas-to-energy facilities, both located in Virginia.

The Brunswick County Landfill in Lawrenceville, Virginia is an eight megawatt generating facility that has been developed with Richmond, Virginia based Ingenco, which builds, owns and operates distributed generation facilities. The Brunswick County facility, which commenced operations in mid-October, will generate enough electricity to power over 5,000 homes.

The King & Queen County Landfill in Little Plymouth, Virginia is a 12-megawatt generating facility that also has been developed with Ingenco.

The King & Queen County Landfill facility will generate enough electricity to power more than 7,500 homes. Operations are expected to have commenced by the end of December.

Allied Waste currently has 52 landfill gas-to-energy projects underway, including 41 electric-generation plants, operating at facilities owned or operated by the company’s subsidiaries across the country. The emission reduction achieved by Allied Waste’s current projects nationwide is equal to removing approximately 2.6 million vehicles from the road each year, providing heat/power to approximately 240,000 homes, or receiving the benefits of planting 3.7 million acres of trees.