Pennsylvania offers online application for waste hauler authorizations

A new online application system for waste hauler authorizations is expected to improve processing times and better ensure that haulers comply with state laws designed to protect the public’s health and safety, and the environment.

The automated system, which is now online, provides Pennsylvania’s 6,200 waste haulers with a convenient and efficient way to register the approximately 32,000 vehicles they operate.

The new web-based application system allows haulers to start, save and submit applications for Act 90 authorizations electronically. A valid credit card, charge card or debit card is necessary to utilize the advantages of the web-based system.

Although paper applications can still be accessed at DEP’s website, www.depweb.state.pa.us, and mailed with a check, electronic submissions will provide a much faster processing time.

In developing the system, DEP worked closely with the waste industry over the past year and incorporated a number of their suggestions into the final version of the system. Several waste haulers participated in a test run to ensure the system met their expectations and was user-friendly.

Waste haulers are regulated under the Waste Transportation Safety Act (Act 90 of 2002). Municipal and residual waste haulers using waste disposal and processing facilities in Pennsylvania must first obtain written authorization to use those facilities from DEP.

Vehicles without valid waste hauler authorization stickers may not use waste disposal and processing facilities in the commonwealth.