Sony works with Waste Management eCycling Centers to expand recycling

Impending digital signal mandate makes disposal options crucial

Sony Electronics, in partnership with Waste Management Recycle America, is the first television manufacturer to launch a free national take back program as well as to sign on to the “Manufacturers’ Commitment to Responsible E-Waste Recycling.”

Sony promised to not only take back old televisions, but also to make sure their recyclers meet a strict set of recycling standards, including not exporting the toxic waste to developing countries. While leading computer companies have already established partial recycling programs, Sony is the only consumer electronics company to offer a $100 trade-in incentive and unlimited free take-back and recycling for all its products in the United States that is not contingent on a new purchase.

This issue is becoming increasingly crucial in light of the impending FCC-mandated switch to digital of TV signal, scheduled for February 2009. As the date approaches, the demand for digital televisions will only increase-as will the need for a responsible, efficient way to manage the disposal of obsolete analog TV sets.

The Consumer Electronics Association expects at least 30 million digital televisions to be sold in the United States in 2007 alone. That’s a new digital TV for almost 30% of the households in the US in just one year.

A complete list of Waste Management Recycle America eCycling Drop-Off centers can be found at www.takebackmytv.com as well as at www.electronicstakeback.com, which feature maps of existing e-waste drop-off sites

Sony and Waste Management indicate that more drop-off sites will be added in 2008.