Waste Management settles violations

Waste Management recently settled with the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for more than $1 million for failing to properly inspect its diesel truck fleet to assure state emission standards were met.

Waste Management, the nation’s largest trash hauler, settled for air quality violations that occurred in 2004 and 2005 throughout the state.

California’s Periodic Smoke Inspection Program, which requires annual smoke opacity tests of California-based fleets, in conjunction with a roadside smoke inspection program, is used to ensure that all of California’s heavy-duty vehicles are properly maintained, tamper-free and free from excessive smoke emissions.

In addition to the settlement monies, Waste Management has agreed to comply with the smoke inspection program and will require all fleet staff responsible for compliance with the ARB’s regulations to attend classes conducted by the California Council on Diesel Education and Technology. Waste Management must also supply to ARB all smoke inspection records for the 2007 and subsequent four years.

All monies are being paid to the California Air Pollution Control Fund.