Pitman rises to president of ARA

Linda Pitman, of Dulaney Auto and Truck Parts of Amarillo, Inc. in Amarillo, Texas, has become the president of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). Selected to the international association’s executive committee in 2005, Pitman assumed her new position at the association’s 65th Annual Convention and Exposition held in Kansas City, Missouri on October 25.

Dedicating herself not only to national issues, Pitman also has been involved in her local community and state automotive recycling organization. Linda Pitman served as president of the Texas Automotive Recyclers Association from 2004-2006. Additionally, Pitman has been the treasurer at her church for over 20 years and has served on the board of Ceta Canyon, a church camp and conference center.

Linda’s business, Dulaney Auto and Trucks Parts of Amarillo, Inc. is certified through the ARA CAR program. CAR facilities undergo review and inspection to achieve the CAR designation and are required to adhere to strict standards of general business practices, environmental care and stewardship and a code of ethics on warranties and parts quality.