Bob Moore Construction completes LEED project in Texas

Bob Moore Construction has completed the largest LEED Gold Core and Shell Industrial project in the state of Texas.

The three-building, 1.16 million square foot business park along State Highway 360 in Arlington is also one of the first industrial projects in Texas to earn LEED Gold Core and Shell certification.

Some of the considerations for Pioneer 360 Business Center’s LEED Gold certification include:

  • The project began with the demolition and asbestos abatement of the Festival Marketplace mall; over 91,634 tons – of steel, concrete, asphalt, copper and aluminum coming from the mall were recycled rather than sent to landfill.
  • Community connectivity and infilling redevelopment rather than adding to suburban sprawl – the project replaced an abandoned mall and was built on already developed land instead of a previously undeveloped area.
  • A white roof and light-colored concrete was used to reflect heat and reduce facility cooling costs.
  • Use of T-5 warehouse lights for energy conservation.
  • Sunlight harvesting – use of a watt stopper system to automatically control lights in skylight areas.