ISRI announces award nominations

Begun more than 20 years ago, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, (ISRI) Design for Recycling® initiative encourages manufacturers to think about the ultimate destiny of their products during the design-stage of a product’s development.

The Design for Recycling Award is ISRI’s highest award that is given to the most outstanding contribution to products designed with recycling in mind.

In order to be considered for the Design for Recycling Award, candidates must demonstrate progress towards ensuring their products can be recycled safely and economically, using existing recycling technologies and methods; eliminating or significantly reducing materials that may impede recycling, including hazardous or toxic materials; increasing the yield of a product’s recyclable materials; and the increased use of recycled materials in manufacturing.

In recognition of such proactive steps by manufacturers, ISRI annually awards the “Design for Recycling Award” to companies that have actively incorporated Design for Recycling principles into their products and manufacturing processes.

Previous award winners have included the United States Environmental Protection Agency, computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, furniture maker The Herman Miller Company, and Coca-Cola Recycling Company. The award ceremony is held in conjunction with ISRI’s Annual Convention and Exposition.