Cherry Demolition awarded for recycling program

—Leonard Cherry, president and co-owner

Cherry, a Houston, Texas-based, family-operated demolition and recycling company, was awarded top honors for its demolition and environmental recycling program. The award ceremony was held at the World Demolition Awards program in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Cherry’s Demolition and Recycling Environmental Award recognized the company’s safety record, reduced environmental impact; recycling strategies; green work practices; and control of noise, pollution and disturbance. The award was presented by Demolition & Recycling International magazine, part of the KHL Group that is now the leading supplier of international construction information in the world.

“A key part of our overall environmental mission is to recycle our demolished concrete, asphalt and steel into re-usable material. Instead of adding bulk to landfills, we recycle as much construction debris as possible,” said Leonard Cherry, president and co-owner.

Cherry believes that a successful demolition and concrete/asphalt crushing company must adopt solid environmental, social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. The company serves the Gulf Coast with demolition and recycling services, which includes the recycling of more than one million tons of concrete and asphalt and approximately 40,000 tons of steel each year.