Waste Management earns more than 100 Wildlife Habitat Council Certifications

The Saybrook Boy Scouts are all smiles as they learn about wildlife at Waste Management’s Geneva Landfill.

The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) said that Waste Management is the only company to achieve greater than 100 WHC certifications. WHC presented the company with 9 new certifications for Wildlife at WorkSM programs (WaW), 35 WaW re-certifications, 1 new certification for Corporate Lands for LearningSM programs (CLL) and 7 CLL re-certifications. This brings the company-wide total to 128 certified programs at 110 sites.

Two Waste Management locations were also nominees for awards presented at the symposium, including Rookie of the Year, Corporate Habitat of the Year and Wings over Wetlands. Rookie of the Year and Corporate Habitat of the Year award nominees represent the top certified or re-certified programs of the year.

While the grassroots efforts of employee volunteers form the basis of Waste Management’s wildlife programs, these programs involve a variety of community partners. Environmental experts, scouts, elementary and high schools, community volunteers and even other companies have joined the local Waste Management teams to improve wildlife habitat and provide outdoor educational opportunities.

This year’s certifications also helped Waste Management meet and exceed two of its company-wide sustainability goals well before the target year of 2020. In 2007, Waste Management pledged to preserve and restore 25,000 acres of wildlife habitat across North America. The company achieved this goal in 2010 and now protects more than 26,000 acres. Waste Management also committed to have WHC certified programs at 100 or more of its facilities. With the addition of this year’s certifications, the company has surpassed this goal.

Waste Management has been working closely with WHC since 2000. In 2008, the company was the first recipient of the organization’s William W. Howard CEO Award recognizing the company’s efforts in conservation, education and outreach efforts.