World’s largest biomass Stirling plant commissioned

Danish Stirling DK, a provider of energy systems based on biomass fueled Stirling engines, has commissioned the world’s first four-engine biomass-powered Stirling plant at the wellness and spa resort Tabbs in Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany. The plant is fueled with fresh wood chips supplied from the local region and is capable of generating around 4,000 MWh of heat and 1,000 MWh of electricity annually – the highest ever reached capacity for Stirling engine based power plants fueled with biomass. It provides the municipally owned wellness center with the heat needed to run the facility, and additionally generates electricity which is mainly consumed on-site. The project was implemented as a joint partnership with the Siemens Building Technologies Division office in Leipzig, a local partner and Stirling DK as equipment manufacturer.

The plant is the second multiple-engine Stirling plant installed in Germany. Two additional four-engine plants are currently being installed in the United Kingdom by a local partner, where they will generate base-load heating, cooling and electricity for two retail centers.