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NYSAR3 awards recyclers

The New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3), the professional recyclers’ association for New York State, recognizes a few of their members each year for their dedication, innovation and passion for recycling. For 2012, two people were recognized by NYSAR3 at their annual conference.

Recycler of the Year – Awarded to Peggy Grayson of the GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee. Grayson is the only employee covering a multi-county area of the state for recycling and she does it with enthusiasm and on a shoestring budget. Grayson was one of the first in the state to execute multi-county household hazardous waste collection days and is also the driving force behind the Western NY Materials Exchange catalog.

Lifetime Achievement – Awarded to Marjorie Torelli, of the former Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Management Authority. Torelli is of one recycling’s fiercest advocates and can always be relied on to make a justifiable argument in favor of recycling. She spent 21 years educating western New Yorkers with a truly hands-on approach to recycling education by creating programs for school children and adults alike during her tenure. Her expertise is routinely sought by others in the field as her reputation as a poised and respected professional is second to none.