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Sonoco accepts more materials

Sonoco Recycling, LLC has invested $4 million in its Columbia, South Carolina, materials recovery facility, allowing acceptance of additional types of materials. Because of this, local residents will be able to recycle more of their household materials such as composite cans, glass, magazines and other types of plastics.

Sonoco Recycling has added three sorting screens for corrugated cardboard and paper sorting, an optical sorter to retrieve plastic, and a new glass crusher that allows the facility to collect whole and broken glass bottles, jugs and jars.

New items accepted:

  • Composite cans – cardboard containers with metal bottoms, such as coffee or Pringles containers.
  • Paper – office paper, junk mail, magazines, chipboard, wet-pack boxes and gable-top cartons.
  • Plastics – most plastics #1 through 7.
  • Glass – whole and broken glass bottles, jugs and jars.

The facility is still unable to accept tissue paper, paper plates and cups, waxed cardboard, plastic bags and films, containers that have held toxic substances, metal lids on glass or plastic items, glass cups or plates, window glass or ceramics.