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WM works to transform waste into resources

Waste Management, Inc released its 2012 sustainability report. The report is called “Embracing the Zero Waste Challenge,” and documents the company’s progress toward increasingly transforming waste into valuable resources.

“Five years ago, we announced four aggressive sustainability goals to improve our impact on the environment and our business,” said CEO and president, David Steiner.

Waste Management has accomplished the following:

  • Is nearly two-thirds of the way to meeting its 2020 sustainability goal of tripling the amount of recyclable material it manages annually.
  • Extracted almost 12.9 million tons of recyclables from the waste stream – 61 percent more than its 2007 baseline.
  • Produces enough waste-based energy to power nearly 1.2 million homes, which is 60 percent of its 2 million homes goal.
  • A decade ahead of time, has met its 2020 goal of creating 100 certified Wildlife Habitat sites and protecting 25,000 acres at its sites.
  • Has already exceeded its 2020 goal to reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet by 15 percent. The company has achieved a 20-percent reduction and expects to make further progress. WM operates more than 1,600 natural gas collection vehicles – the largest heavy-duty natural gas fleet in the country – and that fleet continues to grow.