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EPRO names winners of Best Recycled Plastic Product 2012

EPRO invited the plastics industry across Europe to nominate examples of products made from recycled plastics for the Best Recycled Plastic Product Competition 2012.

The key objective of the competition is to raise awareness of the value and versatility of used plastics packaging. Whether it be post-consumer or post-industrial plastic, the opportunity to recycle this resource into new products must be recognized, encouraged and promoted.

The competition attracts a wide range of entries representing both consumer facing products and business to business applications. Since the competition was first launched in 2009 more than 90 entries from 15 countries were received. This year the entries were judged by a broad European panel of experts, including representatives from EPRO, Plastics Europe and ACR+. The winners were announced and the awards were presented at IdentiPlast 2012, in Warsaw.

The two winners are:

  • Category BtoB: Filatura di Saluzzo with Newlife (recycled polyester filament yarn) – Italy.
  • Category BtoC : CURVER with ECOLIFE Neo (Baskets made of recycled PP) – Europe.

Plastic packaging design, improved collection schemes, advances in sorting technology together with a greater range of reprocessing opportunities and applications means that the need to send plastics to landfill is decreasing rapidly.

Based on the continued success of the initiative, EPRO will be running the best recycled plastic product competition again next year with the winners announced at Identiplast Paris in October 2013.