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Liberty Tire Recycling recognized for recycling illegally dumped tires

Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling recently received recognition for the donation of its tire collection and reclamation services to The Arts Exchange, an Atlanta-area community center. The center gave Liberty Tire Recycling top honors at its first volunteer appreciation awards ceremony. In 2011, Liberty Tire Recycling voluntarily removed more than 1,000 scrap tires that had been illegally dumped on the center’s property.

Liberty Tire Recycling has engaged in ongoing efforts to collect and reclaim scrap tires as a result of illegal tire dumping across the Atlanta area, which has become a growing problem following the recent reduction in funding for a statewide scrap tire management program. Liberty Tire Recycling collaborated with the City of Atlanta and Keep Atlanta Beautiful to stage a city-wide tire cleanup event. Volunteers gathered throughout the city and collected 25,000 scrap tires in one day. Tires from the event were transported to Liberty’s facility near Atlanta, where they were recycled.