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Community Recycling expands into Delaware

Delaware residents will now have more convenient choices and options available to recycle their gently used clothes, shoes, bags and belts with reuse in mind. Community Recycling (CR) is expanding operations into Delaware with CR Bins. CR has been providing local communities throughout the mid-Atlantic with clothing recycling bins, successfully diverting millions of pounds of material from landfills every year for over 13 years.

CR is a for-profit clothing recycler with a focus on reuse, transparency and connectivity. Local businesses serve as host sites and make recycling easy.

Every CR Bin has a phone number where a live person will answer or return your call. CR Bins are serviced regularly by full-time employees of CR, and are never sub-contracted out. All of the clothing collected for reuse is sold domestically to thrift shops around the country, or internationally to family owned businesses and markets that also offer affordable options.