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Lakeland plans first organics recycling facility

Organic Solutions, Inc. (OSI) will operate the first permitted solid waste organics recycling pilot project in the state of Florida.

The OSI facility will be the first in North America to employ a bio-thermic digester unit (BTD) for processing organic solid waste. The OSI BTD will be processing 10 tons of organic waste per day with zero grey-water output. Current operational data shows an average organic waste reduction of greater than 90 percent, with the added benefits of clean water output and electrical generation. All of this requires no pre-processing of the waste stream.

Laboratory testing has concluded that the post-process material is completely sterile, safe to handle, beneficial as a soil amendment and also excels as bio-fuel. To date, European case studies have revealed an average organic reduction rate of 98 percent using solely organic input, and 55 percent to 65 percent mass reduction of Class 1 – mixed solid waste.