$413,000 granted to develop hydrogen from wastes

Wilton, CT— Startech Environmental Corporation announced that President Bush signed the Omnibus Appropriations Legislative Package into law that grants an additional $413,000 to Startech to continue its work for the Department of Energy for the development of low-cost hydrogen.

Joseph F. Longo, Startech president and CEO, said, “The Startech Hydrogen Project focuses on the production of hydrogen by processing a diversity of wastes, including sludge, medical waste, municipal solid waste and solvents, through the Plasma Converter System™. This FY05 $413,000 funding is in addition to the $500,000 funding from the FY04 Water and Energy Bill announced on December 15, 2003. The grants also fund programs for the production of a StarCell™ system that extracts hydrogen from the Plasma Converted Gas (PCG) ™ that is created by processing materials such as tires through the Plasma Converter System. The work is in progress at our Plasma Converter facility in Technology Park in Bristol, Connecticut.”

StarCell is Startech’s proprietary ceramic filtration system; it is not a fuel cell. It is a patented hydrogen-selective membrane filter that separates the hydrogen from the Plasma Converted Gas (PCG) ™. PCG is the clean synthesis fuel-gas mixture, rich in hydrogen.

The Plasma Converter System™ destroys wastes by its pollution-free process of molecular dissociation during which it forms those wastes into valuable commercial products that include PCG. PCG is a valuable syn-gas as it is, but StarCell increases its value by its ability to extract the hydrogen.

StarCell can also be used, stand alone, as a low-cost method of separating hydrogen from the syn-gas produced by various coal gasification processes.

StarCell produced hydrogen can be used in the emerging “distributed power generation” markets as a low-cost, pristine fuel to power automotive, stationary and portable fuel cells, as well as Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

According to the EPA, not counting industrial waste, the U.S. produces about 700,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) each day. A facility using both a Plasma Converter System™ and StarCell to process 2,000 tons of MSW per day can produce enough hydrogen to power 100,000 fuel cell vehicles driving an average of 11,000 miles per year for the entire year.

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