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February 2007

64.9% of steel cans are recycled

Brussells— More than 5 million metric tons of steel cans were recycled in 2005 according to the International Iron and Steel Institute’s Committee on Packaging (PACKCO).

This represents an average recycling rate for steel packaging of 64.9%. The rate has been continuously rising over the past five years. The 2005 recycling rate for steel packaging is 7.4% higher than in 2001.

Steel cans (and all steel products) contain recycled steel. Around 25% of all the steel in a can comes from recycled sources.

Roger Steens, chairman of PACKCO, commented, “Recycling steel saves both the environment and energy. Minimizing our impact on the environment is our responsibility to future generations. Recycling 5 million tons of steel packaging in 2005 saved enough energy to power 4 million mid-size family homes for a year or the entire city of Vienna for six months”, stated Steens.

To calculate the recycling rate, IISI gathered data from its members in six regions of the world. This covers approximately 65% of total world production of packaging steels.

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