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February 2007

A new life form for orange construction barrels and cones

What has happened to the majority of the orange construction barrels and cones that are damaged, destroyed or simply no longer useable? For the most part, they have found their way to the landfills, adding to the already overpopulated volumes of trash which will certainly limit the landfills life. These barrels and cones do not break down easily over time; therefore, the huge amount of space they consume will remain unavailable for other trash which does break down over time.

The Grossman Group, Inc. of Westerville and Columbus has developed one of the first means of taking these items, processing them in their recycling facility on Jackson Pike in Columbus, and shipping the material off to a plastic processing partner who will grind them, wash the reflective tape and debris off of them and re-use the material into making other items such as toys, plastic lumber, plastic benches, etc.

Its not over yet.

The Grossman Group, Inc. has received two Ohio Department of Natural Resources Market Development Grants totaling over $625,000 to develop and expand a their paper recovery facility saving over one hundred tons per day from finding its way to over crowed landfills.

“We are thrilled to offer the City, the State and every road construction company an alternative to landfilling these products when their intended use no longer works.”, said Steve Grossman, president of The Grossman Group, Inc.

Anyone can take any volume of these products to the Grossman Group recycling facility at 2500 Jackson Pike without an appointment. There is no charge for dropping them off, and at the present time, there is no revenue for them due to the processing and cleaning costs. Grossman is hopeful this could change sometime over the next several months.

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