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February 2007

Green power discovery presented in Massachusetts

A new biofuel discovery for producing green energy was recommended by U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. to a group of Massachusetts officials and government leaders that included Senator John Kerry, Governor Deval Patrick, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, and other leaders from universities and local government.

Highlights included an introduction to the Rivera Process, a major advancement for green energy that creates a quality organic-based fertilizer, while also producing unique biofuel and biogas natural byproducts at a very low cost. Unlike other biodiesel alternatives however, the USSEC biofuel has a thermal value similar to petroleum diesel, displays no corrosive behavior, and is resistant to all weather conditions up to -90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Rivera Process also creates three times more biofuel per bushel than any known green fuel alternative, and is ideally suited for use in turbines and power plants.

The USSEC team – including CEO and founder John Rivera - has been touring energy and power facilities across the state, to include presentations and a seminar for post graduates and faculty at the University of Massachusetts. Activities also included surveying potential locations for future USSEC energy sites, and discussing the creation of academic grants and internships for students committed to the bio-energy field.

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