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February 2007

New renewable fuel source, organic-based biofuel

The 447,800 square foot facility is located on 35 acres in Natchez, Mississippi.

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (USSE) has announced the launch and availability of their new organic-based biofuel, discovered during research into the creation of alternative fuel sources from waste biomass. The new biofuel has been tested by independent labs, and is being heralded as the first 100% renewable and environmentally friendly fuel source able to serve as a permanent replacement to diesel fuel.

The new biofuel, referenced as SoyMazia 128, demonstrates several properties superior to any other green fuel source available, including a heating value of 128,000 BTU per gallon. The USSE biofuel costs less than fifty cents per gallon to produce, and 1 bushel of soybeans can create literally 5 gallons of biofuel – in comparison to 1.5 gallons for any other biodiesel on the market.

The biofuel discovery is superior to diesel and biodiesel for resistance to all weather conditions, remaining fluid and flowing at temperatures down to -90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manufacturing technology uses an efficient process to breakdown vegetable feedstock and extract the most energy possible, so that nearly 100 percent of the feedstock results in 3 usable products: liquid biofuel, carbon ash, and biogas. The carbon ash is a rich natural fertilizer containing nitrogen, potash, and orthophosphate, and the biogas can provide 100 percent of the power needed to operate and maintain the USSE manufacturing facility.

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