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February 2007

Biodegradable bubblepack created with additive

Advance Excelsior Company has launched Bio-Bubble, the world's first 100% Oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap. It contains Degradable Polymer Products' (DePoly) revolutionary additive d2w®, which causes plastic products to degrade and ultimately biodegrade in a predetermined timeframe, causing plastic waste to vanish.

Bio-Bubble® is non-toxic, has the same resiliency as traditional bubble wraps, has a programmable shelf life of approximately one year and breaks down naturally once exposed to the environmental factors such as oxygen, light and mechanical stress.

Bio-Bubble breaks down during a two-stage process enabled by the d2w additive which has a proprietary composition and is safe for direct food contact. The additive breaks down the carbon-hydrogen bonds in plastic and reduces plastic's molecular weight and overall strength.

The process of degradation also acts as a nutrient for microbes, which then eat the broken down plastic molecules, reducing what was once plastic to water, carbon dioxide and trace biomass.

The degradable plastic additive technology allows for d2w to be added to plastic product during the manufacturing process. The additive is easy to incorporate, with no supply chain interruptions and can be programmed for short-tem or long-term degradation depending on product type and customer needs.

The additive in Bio-Bubble is non-toxic - not harmful to humans or the environment, including animals and plants.

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