ASL Recycling launches GREENetwork

ASL Recycling, located in San Jose, California, is launching a statewide collaborative effort to change attitudes and behaviors concerning e-waste. The initiative will make it easy for consumers to transfer their electronics to a state-approved recycler.

ASL GREENetwork unites e-waste recyclers, collectors, retailers, manufacturers and city governments and lets each play a key role in making it free and convenient for consumers to recycle their e-waste.

Collectors, typically companies that already collect other forms of waste, will benefit from being part of GREENetwork through increased volumes of e-waste that ASL Recycling will drive to them via consumer education and collection events. ASL Recycling will pay collectors for TVs, computer monitors, mobile phones, and other types of e-waste.

Retailers and manufacturers of consumer electronics and office products are looking for a single, dependable e-waste recycling program to which they can direct their customers, many of whom already are asking what they should do with their old electronics products.

Cities and local governments want to provide their residents with dependable, easy solutions for solid waste management. They seek a program that incorporates state and local regulations and that provides local residents with a way to safely dispose of their e-waste.