Global leaders to recycle shredder residue plastics

European Metal Recycling Limited (EMR) of Warrington, England and MBA Polymers, Inc. (MBA) of Richmond, California announced the formation of a joint venture company (JV) to build and operate a state-of-the-art plastics recycling facility in the UK. The joint venture plans to begin operation of a 60,000 ton per year processing plant by early 2009.

The new company, called MBA Polymers UK, is majority owned by MBA Polymers and will recover plastics from upgraded “shredder residue”. This shredder residue is a complex plastics-rich mixture of materials that is available after the recycling of metals from automobiles, consumer electronic devices, appliances and other end-of-life durable sources.

For the JV, EMR will concentrate the plastics fraction of the shredder residue produced from its large-scale metal recycling operations. This additional processing will also allow EMR to capture a higher percentage of the metals.