Planet Aid expands into Pittsburgh for clothing recycling

Planet Aid, a non-profit clothes recycler, has entered the Pittsburgh market, planting its yellow recycling bins throughout the city and offering residents greater convenience and more choices when discarding old clothes and other items.

Founded as a Massachusetts non-profit agency in 1997, Planet Aid has expanded across the country, collecting, bundling and selling more than 70 million pounds of old clothes each year in its 8,500 bins.

The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of people in developing countries in Africa and Asia, along with protecting the environment and providing relief aid.

Planet Aid typically forms partnerships with local merchants and institutions that allow it to locate its collection bins on their sites.

The organization, which plans to put 200 bins around the Pittsburgh area, donated more than $5 million to worthy development programs around the world last year. Since 2001, it has been a partner with Johnson & Johnson in support of the fight against the AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa.