Shoe recycling program gets running start

The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) launched a new recycling program called “Run In & Recycle.”

The program is a unique partnership to promote recycling shoes. Minnesota’s first ongoing retailer shoe recycling program “Run In and Recycle” started in January at the Bloomington REI store and the Carver County Environmental Center. Collection bins are available for customers to bring in their old, unwanted footwear for recycling.

The shoes will be ground up and turned into sorbent material for oil spill cleanup kits to be used around the world, keeping parks, trails and waterways clean and beautiful for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Currently, Minnesota recycles approximately 40% of its waste. Shoes are often overlooked which can be reused or recycled into new and highly useful products.

“The “Run in and Recycle” program is a unique opportunity for Minnesotans to recycle more,” stated Maggie Mattacola, Recycle MORE Minnesota campaign manager for the Recycling Association of Minnesota.

The footwear collected will be processed by Wipers Recycling in Maplewood, Minnesota where they will be ground up and remanufactured into the oil spill clean up kits.

Any type of footwear can be recycled including flip flops, tennis shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes, shoes with heels, leather shoes, rollerblades, ice skates and much more.

For information, visit www.Wipers Recycling.com.