Veolia and Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings wins award
Veolia ES Greentree Landfill Gas project named “2007 Project of the Year”

Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia) announced that the landfill gas project installed on its Greentree Landfill was chosen as the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Landfill Methane Outreach Program “2007 Project of the Year.”

Each year, EPA recognizes its partners for excellence in innovation and creativity; success in promoting project development; and achieving environmental and economic benefits.

Commercially operational since July 2007, the project at the Veolia ES Greentree Landfill is one of the largest high Btu projects in the United States. A collaborative effort between Veolia and Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC, the project converts landfill gas into pipeline quality natural gas. This gas is then used to produce environmentally clean electric power while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Todd Watermolen, vice president of Engineering and Environmental Compliance with Veolia ES Solid Waste, has been working on this particular landfill gas utilization project for almost 10 years. “Our goal has always been to go above and beyond in building a safe environment and sustainable future. It’s great to see our efforts be nationally recognized by this important program.”

The estimated annual environmental benefits and energy savings associated with the Greentree project are equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by over 137,000 tons/year, removing emissions equivalent to more than 228,000 vehicles, and producing enough energy to heat approximately 75,000 homes.