2,000 tons of furniture saved from landfill

Electronics recyclers aren’t the only segment affected by the analogue television changes.

The Refinishing Touch, an on-site environmentally safe furniture refinishing company, has completed the refurbishment of 20,000 wooden armoires in hotels across America, preventing a volume of 700,000 cubic feet and 2,000 tons of furniture from being put into landfills.

February 17, 2009 marks the date for all analogue television signals to be permanently shut off throughout America. As hotels across the United States prepare for the analogue signal switch off over the next two years and purchase new flat screen digital televisions, they must consider what they will do with the furniture that once housed the old television.

While consumers must prepare for February 2009, many hotel brands have different deadlines to meet to switch to the HDTV signal.

The financial concern for the upgraded televisions ranges from upgrading the servers that provide on demand programming, to the actual TVs themselves and the furniture that houses them. Not to mention the environmental challenge of what to do with the armoires that housed older, and much larger, cathode-ray analogue televisions.

These challenges are being resolved by refurbishment practices that are created and executed by The Refinishing Touch. To date the company has completed refurbishment initiatives for major hotel brands such as Intercontinental Hotel Group, The Hilton Family of Brands, Marriott, Wyndham and Starwood.