Family tire recycling business destroyed in fire

R.G., Inc., a family-run tire recycling business in Gwinner, North Dakota, was destroyed in a massive fire.

The fire, the cause of which was undetermined, was reported by a passerby around 3 a.m. according to Sherriff Travis Paeper. He also let it be known that there were no casualties, and that the extreme cold hampered efforts to fight the fire by causing equipment to freeze.

Complicating the firefighting effort was the fuel stockpiled inside of the buildings. Tires and between 6 to 8 propane cylinders fueled the 30 to 40 foot flames that resulted in a total loss of the facilities.

The owner, Kim Beckstrom, estimated the monetary loss to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. His 17 employees will continue to be paid, and will be called in to help with the cleanup effort.