Ohio tire recycler ordered to remove scrap tires

A Clyde, Ohio property owner has until April 3, 2009, to remove an estimated 80,000 scrap tires from a business property located at 983 Woodland Ave., under orders recently issued by Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

During multiple inspections since July 2006, Ohio EPA and the Sandusky County Health Department found continuing violations of state solid waste rules at property owned by Linda Nichols of Clyde. The property is the location of B&K Auto Service.

During a July 2006 inspection, Ohio EPA cited several violations, including open dumping of solid waste, failing to store scrap tires in properly sized piles, failing to maintain fire lanes between tire piles and failing to license or register as a solid waste or scrap tire facility.

Follow-up inspections by Ohio EPA and the Sandusky County Health Department through July 2008 found similar violations. In addition, the agencies noted additional violations concerning mosquito control and having insufficient drainage to prevent water from collecting where the tires are stored.

In addition to removing all the scrap tires within 120 days, Nichols is required to stop accepting scrap tires, implement mosquito control measures, establish proper storage piles and establish fire lanes between tire piles until the tires are removed.

If the property owner fails to remove the scrap tires, Ohio EPA will hire a contractor to remove them and the owner will be required to reimburse the Agency’s costs.