Osborn's Automotive makes smart changes, from waste handling to responsible delivery vehicle choices

Due to a strong belief that each of us must do whatever we can to help preserve the planet not only for our families, but also for our future generations, Scott Osborn, a master technician and owner of Osborn’s Automotive has instituted green practices to make his Redondo Beach Automotive Repair shop environmentally friendly.

To that end, Osborn and his staff exclusively use water-based solvents and brake cleaners that are biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-toxic to clean automotive parts. Used oil and battery cores are recycled. Oil filters are drained, crushed and sent to a recycling center. Used metal parts are saved and picked up by local recyclers.

When charging automobile air conditioning systems, his technicians carefully monitor potentially hazardous Freon to ensure that it does not escape. Further, 100 percent of the shop’s paper, plastic and metal waste is recycled.

Finally, Osborn is an enthusiastic owner of a new Smart Fortwo vehicle, which is his official shop car. Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a “smartway” vehicle, the Fortwo is one of the greenest vehicles on the market and it has the least carbon footprint of any car now in production. It is also the most fuel efficient all gas powered vehicle in the United States. Additionally, the “smartville” factory in France, where the vehicle is produced, is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly plants in the world. Not only does the vehicle use recycled materials for its body panels, dashboard and wheelhouses, but also up to 95 percent of the smart Fortwo is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

“I am committed to doing whatever I can to safeguard the environment,” said Osborn, “and I encourage others to do so as well.”