Amerityre unveils new forklift tire material and technology

Amerityre Corporation, a manufacturer of polyurethane flat proof tires, has announced that they have developed a new high-performance material formulation for the forklift tire industry. The new urethane-based material “Kryon” is designed to carry today’s heavy material handling loads in high duty cycle forklift applications.

The industrial tire market globally is about 1 billion dollars. Amerityre has plans to capture a substantial piece of the North American market, estimated to be $270 million within the next several years.

Tim Ryan, Amerityre’s new chairman, said, “The market is right for a new product that will outperform current rubber products in the market place today.”

“Independent lab testing and field testing has been ongoing for over one year with great success,” said Mike Kapral, Amerityre’s president and CEO. “Tires were placed in specific high load and high cycle applications where the tires can get a real world workout.”

Amerityre will offer approximately 30 of the most popular sizes of press-on tires with plans to expand the line-up over the next 18 months. The company has plans to design and produce a line of pneumatic shaped solid tires for forklift as well.

Amerityre is selling press-on tires now through a limited testing/distribution program.