TGEG signs substantial green energy supply contract

True Green Energy Group (TGEG) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Beltran Technologies Inc. to supply, deliver, supervise and install 20 units of its complete modular standard MSW gasification systems which will supply approximately 4000 Nm3/hr syngas to syngas power generation with 2MWeh plus a surplus of thermal heat of an additional (2MWth) that will be sent to various landfill sites around the globe.

Because of the size of this contract and with so many contracts already in place by TGEG, Beltran has agreed that the time to design, fabricate, build, supply and deliver shall not exceed four months and installation of said system shall not exceed one month. The entire system includes gasifier reactor with ash discharge, gas clean up system including cyclone filters, heat exchangers, gas suction blower, pipe work, syngas flare stack, instruments with control system and steel frame structure. The lump sum price for supply and delivery of these systems is approximately $145 million.

The TGEG green energy consortium estimates that in the first phase of its project alone it will employ 11,000 people in 3 major provinces in the Philippines. The consortium plans to expand that number to 100,000 within 18 months of the first system being installed in the city of San Fernando Pampanga Philippines. The expansion was made possible by investments made by Pioneer shareholders and CJ Consortium who became stockholders in TGEG and finalized a one billion euro line of credit to fund TGEG Bio Green power plants and low cost housing projects.

Thermal treatment plants have the advantage of reducing the amount of waste to about one third and use the energy in the waste to produce useable syngas, heat and electricity. The residues are inorganic ashes, which can be landfilled or utilized in the construction of the low cost housing units being built around the world. TGEG biomass waste gasification technology is based on a moving bed modified gasification technology and reaches significantly higher temperatures than furnaces.

The ultimate result is a higher through put performance in a small area. TGEG gasification and gas clean up technology is not based on combustion/incineration but rather on gasification. All engine exhaust air and wastewater is completely purified by the integrated exhaust air and wastewater modules, and thus can be released back to the environment. The system is expected to achieve an efficiency of above 98 percent.