Revend launches bulb recycling machines

Revend Recycling Limited, a UK corporation, launched a reverse vending recycling machine for the collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs and batteries.

The patented reVendĀ® reverse vending recycling machine is the first domestic light bulb reverse vending recycling machine of its type, and has been jointly designed and developed by Revend Recycling Ltd. and Repant ASA.

The light bulb recycling machine has an add-on unit, as an option for the collection and recycling of domestic batteries.

Increased demand for recycling light bulbs and the international change over to CFL and LED domestic light bulbs and the recycling of domestic batteries is a key environment policy for governments, the EU Commission and the United Nations.

Recycling rates in the domestic lighting industry are in sharp focus internationally as significant waste tonnage amounts remain untreated and unprocessed. Used light bulbs frequently end up in landfill sites at considerable environmental and financial cost.

The new range of light bulb recycling machines from Revend will help to increase national recycling rates and assist companies and organizations to comply with their recycling targets and environmental recycling obligations.

Revend Recycling will sell and market reverse vending recycling machines throughout Europe, the United States and worldwide under its brand name Revend.

Repant will manufacture and assemble the recycling machines based on its COSMOS reverse vending recycling machine technology.

Revend Recycling recently concluded a supply agreement with IKEA of Sweden, an international retailer, and will install a significant number of machines in several IKEA stores throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, and Denmark.

Revend Recycling pioneered the supply agreement with IKEA following a successful pilot installation in IKEA, Lakeside Shopping Centre near London, UK.

IKEA is the first to install the light bulb reverse vending recycling technology in its stores, starting with IKEA Wembley and IKEA Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Customers of IKEA who recycle used light bulbs will automatically receive a reward incentive voucher to use in-store and also have the option to make a donation to UNICEF, Save the Children, WWF or the Woodland Trust.