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Customizable recycling signs available online

Free downloadable and customizable recycling signs are now available from the Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM). Through a partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), RAM created standardized recycling signs intended for use at home, in schools and offices, and in various other away from home settings where recycling is offered.

The static signs can be downloaded for free from and You can now also customize the signs with your own logo and contact information on

“Standard, consistent signage is one of the crucial components of a successful recycling program. The new sign customization tool offered by RAM allows users to tailor the recycling signs to their program needs while maintaining a simple, clear, and consistent message,” said Mark Rust, supervisor of the Sustainable Materials Management Unit at the MPCA.

RAM is a non-profit organization focused on education and promotion of recycling. RAM offers free tools and resources for Minnesotans to recycle more through niche recycling programs.

The design of the standardized recycling signs is clear and simple, with each sign including bold images and a few descriptive words. This straightforward layout quickly communicates where to place a can, bottle, or piece of paper. Schools, businesses and other organizations can now customize the signs with their logo and contact information as well.