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Bottled water ban in Toronto now in effect

A recent law approved by the city council of Toronto has prohibited the sale and distribution of water bottles in all civic centers, facilities and parks.

For a list of the exempted locations, download a pdf here.

The ban provides exceptions for public health and safety related situations, previous lease agreements and authorized special events in city facilities. Water bottles may still be sold or distributed at some exempted location. Although many believe that bottled water is no threat to the environment due to the recyclability of plastic materials, Toronto’s city council has recently approved a prohibition of the sale and distribution of these products.

A recent report released by Toronto explained, “In December of 2008, city council approved a water bottle ban to take effect in January of 2012. The ban, which affects most of Toronto’s parks and park facilities, prohibits the sale and distribution of water bottles in all civic centers, city facilities and parks.”

The water bottle ban will support the Toronto’s broader waste diversion goals, reduce litter in our parks and lower waste disposal costs for the city.

Toronto recommended that permit holders for sports fields and facilities do the following when using park locations included in the ban:

  • Inform participants of their sports programs to bring their own refillable water bottles to the park.
  • Encourage coaches to support players by providing water jugs to refill their bottles.
  • Notify coaches and program participants that water bottles can also be filled at water fountains, where available.