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Goodwill will recycle books

Goodwill Columbus and have joined efforts to ensure that all types of unwanted books can now be dropped off at Goodwill’s donation centers and retail stores in Franklin County. The books will then be recycled by Creative Green Marketing LLC of Westerville, Ohio, rather than be sent on to area landfills. Members of the community, local organizations and individuals with developmental disabilities in Columbus will all benefit.

“Libraries and schools as well as local reading enthusiasts will now be able to drop off all kinds of unwanted books at Goodwill Columbus sites, knowing that they will be properly recycled to preserve our landfills,” said Kevin Malinowski, the spokesperson for Green Marketing, the parent national recycler and environmental consulting company to

In the past, Goodwill had to limit the types of donated books it accepted, taking only in-demand titles suitable for resale to its thrift store shoppers. As a result old books were often tossed into the trash where they ended up in area landfills. and Green Marketing, will be purchasing unwanted books from Goodwill retail stores and turning them back into pulp for reuse in the making of paper products. Goodwill will be paid by the pound for the books and proceeds will benefit Goodwill’s many day habilitation programs, community-based supported living services, employment training and job placement services for those with disabilities.