Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Paper/Plastics Shredders

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Manufacturer List

Allegheny Shredders
Evelyn Jefferson

Ameri-Shred Corp.
Steve Idalski

Franklin Miller, Inc.
David Schuppe

Granutech-Saturn Systems
Greg Wright

Jordan Reduction Solutions
Richard Pyle

Komar Industries Inc.
Mark Koenig

Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.
Adrian Quigg

Republic Machine
Jason Bradley

Joe Roberto

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
Joby Easton

UNTHA America
Peter Dion

Vecoplan, LLC
Sharon Thomas

The more challenging the recycling application, the more likely a shredder is part of a viable solution for it. Whatever the materials involved, there are a wide range of products available to aid in recyclables processing.

The Franklin Miller Inc. Taskmaster® Shredder is available in a variety of models and sizes, with motor options from 3 to 125 hp. Each unit is typically supplied complete with control, stand and standard hopper. The Taskmaster can be ordered as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of a complete shredding system, and units are available for dry, wet or pressurized systems. The Taskmaster products employ a low-speed, high-torque mechanism for powerful reduction of tough and bulky material. Efficient in a wide range of applications, the shredders cut storage and disposal costs, reduce scrap volume up to 80 percent and aid in the safe disposal of sensitive, substandard or hazardous materials.

The 90 year old Franklin Miller Company offers units for recycling, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, minerals, wastewater treatment and many other industries. William Galanty, president, said, “Due to our unique combination of experience in both dry solids processing and liquid or pressure-seal systems, we are uniquely capable in solving many difficult customer process problems. We specialize in matching proven solutions to specific process problems – from stock and customized machinery to fully integrated systems.”

Granutech Saturn Systems

Greg Wright, sales director of Granutech-Saturn Systems, said, “We manufacture single rotor, dual shaft, and quad shaft shredders. Factors such as capacity, incoming form of material, cleanliness of material, and final product size requirements will determine which particular machine would work best.”

Granutech units can process from 1,000 lbs. per hr. to 20,000 lbs. per hr. and Wright noted that contamination of product is of particular concern for customers. “A bale of plastic or paper can often have something else inside. We’ve seen large bolts, wrenches, hammers and even some other things that I’ll decline to name. Other factors such as space constraints, availability of power, and even elevation can come into play when dealing with an air system, and we are adept in helping our clients choose the machine that will best fulfill their particular requirements,” Wright said.

Along the way, Wright has noticed that clients increasingly prefer to minimize the number of suppliers involved on a given project. For instance, rather than separate suppliers for conveyors, air systems and magnetic separation, Granutech can provide a single source for all of that to their clients. He added, “With identity theft and fraud so rampant in our society, privacy is a big concern. Businesses want to feel confident in their ability to destroy sensitive items and we can help address that concern as well.”

With over 40 years in offering size reduction equipment to the recycling industries, the company offers the MAC line of car crushers and logger balers, Saturn Shredders and Granutech tire processing equipment. The firm serves clients in the metals, tires, rubber, electronic scrap, paper, plastic and alternative fuels markets.

Metso Recycling offers pre- and fine shredders for plastic and paper recycling. Their twin-shaft M&J EtaPreShred brand is a robust option for opening and pre-shredding of complete bales of any recycled material. No manual removal of the metal or plastic binders is required before feeding bales into the shredder. Any wrapping around the shaft is avoided due to the asynchronous shaft controls that have a self-cleaning system. The knife geometry has been refined over the past 20 years so that no pushing device is necessary and the self-feeding system maintains a high capacity in light materials. M&J pre-shredders are available as stationary electric or as diesel-driven mobile units. Capacities range from 5 to 30 tons per hour, depending on the required grain sizes, which vary from 100 to 450 mm.

Franklin Miller

For subsequent fine shredding, Metso offers M&J EtaFineShred single and twin-shaft models that include high capacity, a clean cut and output sizes down to 8 mm. The shredders produce 15 tons per hour of RDF at an output size of 40 mm. “All of the M&J machines can provide a long-lasting shredding solution due to well-proven quality, high run factor and a low maintenance cost. All is included with our worldwide service and sales organizations with 24/7/365 service support,” stated Henning Lindbjerg, vice president M&J Business Unit, Metso Denmark A/S.

Dave Wilson, technical sales, SSI Shredding Systems, explained how heavy metal can be especially damaging to conventional grinders and single shaft shredders. “You must protect the downstream equipment! Slow speed shredders such as the SSI Dual-Shear® two-shaft machines are the most reliable technology for any recycling operation that will likely deal with foreign materials when shredding. These shredders are very seldom damaged, no matter what is processed.

“Our Dual-Shear shredders have excellent shock protection systems that protect the driveline from damage when the occasional contaminant is encountered. The cutters are designed to take all types of abuse. So, as the quality of the recyclable goes down, the need for more robust shredding equipment goes up,” Wilson said. The processing rates of SSI machines vary from a few thousand lbs. per hour to 10,000 to 20,000 lbs. per hour. Higher throughput rates cost more on the front end for larger size equipment, but the cost per pound of finished materials is generally lower.

Wilson explained that bulky materials must be broken down into a smaller, more manageable size for recycling. Bulky materials can include baled paper, plastic, fibers or just large items like plastic pallets, drums, cores, crates, or long unmanageable materials like PVC siding.

SSI Shredding Systems

“There is no easy way to get bulky material downsized without putting it in a shredder with a large in-feed opening. Once these materials are pre-processed, they can easily be processed downstream. A common recycling system might consist of a slow speed shredder to pre-shred a HDPE plastic drum then further processing of the material can be performed with a conventional granulator.

“Some of the hardest materials to recycle are plastic or paper that has a low melting point characteristic. For example, plastic tape with adhesive or waxed cardboard are materials that can be troublesome to process. Conventional high-speed shredding can often result in a ‘melt down’ when processing this type of material. Heat is generated when processing and if the material melts, equipment performance is impeded. The only way to process the material is with a slow speed shredder. Slow speed technology generates very little heat or friction when shredding. The low speed cutting action can reduce low melt materials down to size for further processing with minimal chance of a melt-down,” stated Wilson.

He also noted the importance of shredding relative to identity theft, counterfeiting and brand protection and he commented, “Manufacturers want the brand or logo on their products or packaging to be destroyed prior to the material going to a recycling center. Paper labels are an example of a material that lends itself to shredding for security purposes, prior to recycling. Processing recyclables in the paper and plastic world are more challenging than ever. What is left is the low grade material with contaminates, dirt, abrasives and multiple characteristics that make recycling more difficult. Here’s the good news: SSI offers industrial shredding equipment that can handle this type of waste.”