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Don B. Daily Memorial Fund selects 2013–2014 recipients

The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Foundation and the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) have selected the 2013-2014 recipients of the Don B. Daily Memorial Fund to Promote Steel Industry Safety and Health. The fund was created to commemorate the life and industry service of Don B. Daily, a compassionate man who truly cared about the safety of all employees working in the steel industry. His enduring mark on the steel industry of North America has been the establishment of numerous safety and health initiatives that have significantly improved the workplace.

Ron Ashburn, executive director of AIST and secretary of the AIST Foundation added, “The Daily Fund directly connects students with the steel industry to leverage new and different perspectives to provide our companies with a safer work environment. The Fund benefits everyone working in steel manufacturing.”

The 2013–2014 recipients are as follows:

  • Purdue University – John Moreland, Ph.D., mentored by Daniel J. Brisson, melt/cast manager, Nucor Steel-Indiana, “Enhancement of Steel Industry Safety Training Through Incident Visualization Development”
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham – Amber Genau, Ph.D., mentored by George P. Miljus Jr., plant metallurgist, Nucor Steel Birmingham Inc., “Enhancing the Safety of Vertical Tensile Machines by Reducing Pinch Points”
  • Lorain County Community College – Larry Waller, mentored by James Hardy, plant manager – steelmaking and casting, Republic Steel, “A Student-Based Research Project to Address Safety Prevention in a Steel Plant”
  • West Virginia University, – Xiaopeng Ning, Ph.D., mentored by Robin E. Birk, department manager – safety and IH, U.S. Steel – Mon Valley Works, “Ergonomic Assessment of High Risk Tasks in the Steel Manufacturing Industry to Prevent Back Injury”

The Don B. Daily Memorial Fund challenges North American university teams (students and professors) to submit proposals for grant funding in the theme area of safety and health awareness within the steel manufacturing industry. The dual objective of the fund is to promote a safe workplace for the steel manufacturing industry and to increase the number of students studying health and safety awareness relative to the manufacturing environment.