Firm Generates Electricity Using Gas, Carbon Black Byproducts from Old Tires

Albuquerque, NM - Titan Technologies, Inc. announced that its ability to generate electricity by using the gas and carbon black byproducts generated by its tire recycling process has sparked considerable interest from tire shredding operations across the country.

With a continuing effort to expand the market for the products from its TRTM recycling plants, Titan had been researching the use of its plants to generate electrical power. Titan is acquiring cost estimates from major suppliers of electrical generating equipment, including scrubbers that eliminate emissions from combustion of the oil, gas and carbon black produced by the TRTM process. Once these costs have been determined, Titan will develop an electrical generation business pro forma for different locations across the country. At this time, Titan believes that a TRTM plant is an economically viable electrical generation system.

Ronald L. Wilder, Titan's president, added, "All cities and countries have major waste tire problems and most, if not all, will need additional electrical generation. There can be special benefits if additional power comes from recyclable waste tires."

Titan's current knowledge is that the BTU output of a Titan Technologies tire recycling plant processing 100 tons of scrap tires per day is almost 3 billion BTU/day in excess of the energy required to operate the recycling plant. This excess will generate approximately 20 mega watts of continuous electrical power.
Titan has now entered into an alliance with Lockwood Greene to build tire-recycling plants in North America. Lockwood Greene, one of the oldest design-build firms in the U.S. also has major experience in the petroleum industry. Titan's engineers will work with Lockwood Greene to complete integration of a power plant design.