Florida Project Explores Used Drywall Recycling

Orlando, FL - An ongoing pilot program in Orange and Seminole counties, being overseen by management consulting and engineering firms R. W. Beck, Inc. and SCS Engineers, explores the recycling potential of drywall— to reduce volume and foul odors in landfills.

During the program, tons of wasted drywall will be separated into two separate products, paper and gypsum. Gypsum, commonly used to make cement and new drywall, also produces agricultural additives for crops such as citrus, tomatoes and peanuts.

"Central Florida has so much drywall, from housing construction as well as commercial expansion that it is a good area to determine if drywall recycling can be sustained," says Steve Cottrell, environmental specialist with the Orange County Solid Waste Division and Utilities Department.

Funding for the program is being provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
through the Innovative Recycling Grants.

Demonstrations of the drywall recycling process have been conducted by AgriCycle of Ohio, a drywall recycl-ing company, at the Orange County Landfill in eastern Orange County and the 545 Landfill in Winter Garden, Florida. The 545 Landfill is a partner in this project and, along with the Orange County Landfill and Seminole County Transfer Station, is currently accepting drywall for recycling. It is anticipated that drywall recycling will continue after the grant project's completion.