National Association of Home Builders Studies On-site Grinding to Reduce Landfill Tonnage

The National Association of Home Builders Research Center in conjunction with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency developed on-site grinding during a pilot project that was conducted in Indiana. They found that on-site grinding could reduce, by 75 percent or more, what was going into landfills and turning what was considered a waste product into usable material that was environmentally friendly and an added resource to the job site.

The Association of General Contractors has just published a brochure that also explains the advantages to on site recycling. Packer Industries, Inc. is a service and manufacturing company that works to train builders and clean up crews in the value of this new recycling method utilizing grinders.
As economic growth results in more products and materials being generated, there will be an increased need to invest in source reduction activities. Reusing the things we used to call waste is the right thing to do.

While disposal may not be the builder's biggest budget concern, it probably is a growing number. That is where a grinder becomes an alternative to traditional landfilling. Recycling saves natural resources and reduces waste. Builders are looking for opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Construction recycling has the advantage of working with larger quantities of material than everyday recycling and can have a large impact on the community.